NEW FEATURE: Contact tracing.  Simply enter a child’s name and a time period and StayTrak will list all children who were at your center at the same time along with parent names and phone numbers.  This information can easily be exported to a spreadsheet to send to healthcare officials.

The following is a brief summary.  Please contact us for a complete list.

Check-In/Out Quick and easy
  • Easily find the child out of possibly thousands on file; make sure only an authorized adult is checking them in or out; instantly alert you to any conditions you need to know about or incidents that happened during the visit; parent self-check-in option; group check-in for school bus drop-offs
Billing – No more complicated calculations
  • Automatic billing calculations for all scenarios; entire family is billed on the same invoice regardless of rates or programs; any number of rates based age, number of children, membership status, family groupings; discount coupons; sell items; charge fees; calculates taxes
Prepaid Plans / Packages – StayTrak keeps track of everything
  • Track by number of hours and/or by dollars; prepaid period plans for programs like preschool, after school, date night, and summer camps sold as days, weeks, or months; gift certificates
Center Management – See everything you need on a single page
  • Center Status pages shows everything at a glace: medical/allergy, meals, notes; one-click access to details and contact information; name tags
 Family Data – know your families and children, and safely keep required information
  • Online registration; membership tracking; photos; upload documents
Reporting – Everything is remembered and you can report on everything
  • Daily reports; family history; contact lists; center metrics; report generator for custom reports; contact tracing
 Reservations – Reserve spots in advance
  • Single or repeating reservations; multiple calendars; special events
 Employee Management – Track your employee hours and know when they were at the center
  • Time clock; manager adjustments; flexible payroll periods;
Multiple Center Management – Share data between centers, or not
  • Multiple centers under the same ownership can share family information and prepaid plans; franchise organizations can run combined reports for all centers.
Fast and Reliable Cloud Hosting – StayTrak is there when you need it
  • Multiple levels of redundancy and security; regular back up of all your information
Straightforward Pricing – No complicated pricing schemes
  • No limits on the number of children/families; no limits on number of devices accessing StayTrak at the same time
Personal Customer Support – Professional and knowledgeable help when you need it
  • Support not only for problems but also questions, how-tos, and advice; support is in-house and not outsourced; direct phone or email;