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blueclockStayTrak has tracked over 5 million visits!


  • Provides quick and easy check-in/check-out procedure with automatic billing calculation. Billing can be to the minute or any interval you select, such as every 15 minutes. Children visiting from the same family are all billed on the same invoice at check-out, even if they are enrolled in different programs or pay different rates due to age, etc.
  • Supports a wide variety of prepaid plans:
    • Prepaid hours, days, weeks or months in advance.
    • Prepaid dollar plans and gift certificates.
    • Coupons and other types of discounts such as punch cards.
    • Programs such as preschool, after-school and summer camps. Automatically switches to drop-in billing if a child stays after their program ends for the day.
  • Supports items sold for a fee such as meals or diapers.
  • Provides daily reports, such as a summary by payment types for end-of-day reconciliation.
  • Creates or updates a family balance if a portion of an invoice is unpaid.
  • Supports state tax on services and/or fees.

Child Management:

  • Provides an at-a-glance center status page that shows all children present along with their age, pick-up time, medical conditions, and special needs. It also provides quick access to detailed information such as contact phone numbers.
  • Associates notes and reminders with a specific child or family, eliminating need for yellow sticky notes.
  • Tracks meal choices and automatically bills as needed.
  • Prints name tags at check-in time automatically.
  • Associates photos with an adult, child or entire family.

Record Keeping:

  • Maintains family history for all prior visits and invoices. Supports membership and/or registration fees for any time period.
  • Supports internet registration or registration at a kiosk at your center.
  • Supports numerous methods for family look-up, such as by adult name, child name or phone number.
  • Includes a Report Generator for creating custom reports on any data kept in the system.
  • Tracks and enforces automatically any regulatory limitations on child visits such as 20 hours max per week and/or four hours max per day.


  • Supports single or standing reservations for any child.
  • Supports reservations for special events such as Halloween or New Year's Eve.
  • Marks reservation fulfilled when the child checks in during reservation time frame.

Employee Management:

  • Includes Time Clock for tracking employee hours.
  • Provides user-based security with different levels of access and ability per staff member.

Multiple Center Management:

  • Supports multiple centers under the same ownership so customers do not have to register at each center.
  • Supports franchise organizations, allowing headquarters to generate combined reports for all centers.